Multinational Cryptocurrency Exchange Bluebelt and BRP signed MoU contract

특허뉴스 이성용 기자 | 기사입력 2019/12/11 [12:10]

Multinational Cryptocurrency Exchange Bluebelt and BRP signed MoU contract

특허뉴스 이성용 기자 | 입력 : 2019/12/11 [12:10]

Drive multi-functional blockchain business collaboration


Expect to maximize the synergy between in-progress projects by both companies 



On December 9th, the multinational cryptocurrency exchange Bluebelt has revealed that it has signed an MoU with BRP, a company specializing in blockchain acceleration.


With this contact, Bluebelt and BRP laid the foundation for mutual growth as leading the blockchain industry. The two companies expect the agreement to maximize the synergy between their ongoing projects. 


Through the agreement, the two companies will push for every perspective cooperation in business related to blockchain, local and international marketing, other networking and partnership related to listing on the exchange. 


Bluebelt is a multinational cryptocurrency exchange with local subsidiaries established in 10 countries including Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Estonia, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia.


In particular, Bluebelt Exchange can deposit and withdrawal in fiat currency available in 10 countries, including Vietnam and the Philippines. Currently, the Estonia branch has achieved an FIU license, and the Philippine central bank is sending a letter of guarantee to SEC and in the process of achieving a license. The Australia branch is officially registered and operating, while other branches are thoroughly implementing legal compliance. 


BRP searches for promising blockchain projects and provides consulting, investing and advising. In 2018, the company retains USD $65 million of investment by accelerating in the project “Chilliz,” a blockchain in sports. 


Recently, BRP launched the local cryptocurrency exchange, Pobblegate, in a joint venture with the local blockchain company, Glosser. 6 months after the opening, Pobblegate signed a partnership with KMGM, the country’s largest Holdem Pub, and listed in Binance, Huobi, and other overseas exchanges. 


“Through our business partnership with Bluebelt, which operates multinational exchanges around the world, we will actively find overseas promising coins and lay the foundation for our overseas expansion,” said BRP CEO, Hyunjin Cho. 


“Through this agreement, Bluebelt, who has over 10 years of experience in traditional Asian financial markets, and BRP, which has been developing promising blockchain projects, to serve as an opportunity for both companies to grow together in the global blockchain ecosystem,” said Bluebelt Korea COO, Jaekyun Na. 

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